American model railroading in Denmark

Four BNSF engines crossing the river on the permanent club layout.

We build an run model railways in H0 (1:87) based on American prototype. On our two layouts you can be the engineer behind the largest steam engines and the strongest diesels and enjoy them pulling the equivalent of two kilometers of cars! You may also choose a smaller engine and handle the pickup and delivery of cars from the industries along the track or try to manage the time sensitive tasks on the main railyard.

A large N&W steamer on the trestle on the main club layout.

The club

We started in 1997 and have our clubhouse on northern part of Amager close to the metro station “Amagerbro”. The name Golden Spike refers to the ceremoni marking the driving of the last spike in a new rail line. Se also: Historien om guldsømmet.

May 10. 1869 at Promontory in Utah, where Central Pacific and Union Pacific finally meet and a golden spike marked the occation.

Our layout

The club currently have two layouts. The permanent layout in the clubhouse and the mobile used for exhibitions in Denmarks and other countrys. Both layouts are build with 2-track digital DCC, controlled wirelessly from dedicated controls or cell phones.

Sun on the exhibition layout


Besides building and running our layouts we also arrange gatherings and trips. Ranging from visits to other clubs, exhibitions and trips to USA to look at the real deal. In the clubhouse there is coffee, cold drinks and often something sweet… We also enjoy the traditional Danish “julefrokost” (Christmas lunch).

Trainspotting in Palmer, Massachusetts, USA

Do you also want to join in?

You are welcome in the club! But observe all our trains are 2-track digital, because we buy most of them from the American market. The selection is huge, price is low and quality is great. So if you are planning to run American model railroading we recommend you chose 2-track. Otherwise you limit yourself a lot… But get in touch!

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