Golden Spike

… the model railroad club for anyone with interest in railroads in USA. We specialize in model railroading based on north american prototype.

The club was established on April 5, 1997 and is located in the southern part of Copenhagen near Amagerbro metro station.

The name Golden Spike refers to the ceremony of driving the last spike in completion of any new railroad construction project.

Permanent layout

Running i H0 scale and covering the period from approx 1940 to present day. We use digital command control (DCC) and the total track length is around 240 meters (790 feet). A double helix connects the three operational layers on the layout.

Exhibition layout

We also build and operate a 17 x 4 meter (55 x 13 feet) layout specialized for shows and exhibitions. This layout allows for prototypical train lengths in excess of 20 meters (65 feet) equivalent to almost 2 kilometers (1½ mile)
Look for exhibition dates in the calendar on our main page…

Are you interested? Get in touch at info@goldenspike.dk You can participate without possessing any model trains, all you need is the interest!